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    Window treatments and valances go hand in hand and you can easily pick a wrong match if you don’t spend the necessary time coming up with a good fit. It is easier to get it right the first time though, definitely easier than most people make it out to be. All you have to do is avoid a few simple mistakes and you can come up with a good solution.

    1. Match the colors of your curtains and the window valances. There is nothing wrong with using a light set of curtains and a valance that is dark in color, but make sure they go with each other well. There is nothing that kills the looks of a room more than a small glitch like this. Don’t fall into the mistake of trying to make everything look the exactly same. Remember, diversity is bliss.

    2. There are so many different styles and shapes available at any shop dealing with textures and home decorations that you’d get tired just looking at a simple list. Think about what you want from your window treatment valances and choose accordingly. A modern looking room may refuse to work well with a baggy velvet treatment, but might work well with a simple sheer scarf. Imagine the perfect room and try to find the fitting parts, don’t make the mistake of choosing something just because it’s available. Make it unique and comfortable to look at; it’s your home after all!

    3. Don’t combine light fabrics with heavy materials unless you’ve got a well thought out reason to do so. It creates a discrepancy, and may look good at first. However, it may start to bug you later to the point where you take everything off just to start all over again. It is both time and money consuming and is to be avoided. If the curtain you use is just a thin sheer cloth, go for something similar in appearance in your valance window treatments if you don’t want to get an awkward result.

    4. Kitchen windows are just as important as the ones you have in your living room, the number of materials you can use there is a little lower, however. Normal cotton, silk or velvet treatments would lose their color to steam or stain quickly or stink of oil just a few days later. Therefore, you should keep these limitations in mind when choosing valances for your kitchen. Go for synthetic materials as they are generally cheaper to get and easier to keep clean. Cheap window valances are a good choice for the kitchen where they are going to be damaged easily.

    5. Think about the price before you get to the shop. The money you pay greatly depends on the size, shape, material and rarity of valance window treatments. You shouldn’t put yourself in a situation where you need to decide if the money or the perfect looks are worth more. Set a budget, a limit of some description you won’t cross no matter what so you have one thing less to think about when the sales representative tries to guide you towards items on the pricier shelf.

    If you know what you are looking for in your window treatments and valances you will probably get a good deal for your money and a great look in your rooms. Those people who go shopping without a well formed opinion or taste can be sold almost anything.

  • Window Valance Treatments

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    Valance window treatments enjoy particular popularity amongst those who like to spend time on beautifying their living environment. You might have already chosen your privacy options going for curtains, blinds, or any other sort of treatments. Picking the right valances won’t be any harder.

    Before you do anything in connection with your windows, envision the room of your dreams. Put every little detail in its perfect place; take your time to work out every detail because it will be important when you have to make decisions. Choose colors and textures and make sure everything looks like it’s a part of the whole experience. Don’t think about price for now, just go for whatever you think would be something you’d like to see in your home, it is your imagination after all.

    Everything is in its right place and you’ve decided on the color of the walls, the texture of your curtains, the size and material of the curtain rod, and the other pieces of furniture you have chosen. Doesn’t it look a little empty? Look at what window treatments and valances you’ve chosen. Do they match with each other, are they similar in color and style, does their texture line up nicely? You have to come up with a good balance between fashion and practicality when it comes to matching decorations to the blinds or curtains you already have installed.

    Valance window treatments can be put in any room you choose to put them in, but keep in mind that some delicate materials deteriorate quickly if they are not taken proper care of. Steam and humidity aggressively damage velvet and cotton, and in your kitchen and bathroom there is going to be a lot of water in the air. You can choose waterproof solutions for your kitchen window valances, but a better option is to simply get cheap valances that you don’t mind changing every once in a while. A polyester and cotton combination fabric works well for this purpose. Opt for them should you have the opportunity.

    Some people like to go around in their home trying to figure out how to further beautify it. They like the process of thinking about the different options, and different looks they could achieve using this or that piece. Not everyone is like that and if you are at all restricted by available time you might want to get scarf window valances. A scarf solution is beneficial in multiple ways; first of all, they are generally cheap, because they are simple and light. Second, they are easy to install, you just need a proper curtain rod, the fabrics of your choice and a few pins to make sure everything stays in its place.

    Whether you opt for a classic look with baggy velvet on the rods to give an extra unique touch to your rooms or simple plaid ending in one point, the window treatment can, and if chosen carefully, will make the place look like a different house. Different in the sense that it’s going to be more comfortable and welcoming and you can have a peace of mind that you’ve taken care of all aspects for the final result.

  • Kitchen Window Valances

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    Have you ever thought of putting something extra in your rooms to make them more unique looking and probably more comfortable too? There are new pieces of furniture you can always buy to achieve that, and the little stuff you can deal with are ever present. You can change the doorstep to another style, repaint the living room, change curtain rods and there are probably millions of things like that to keep you occupied on your way to the perfect home. Kitchen window valances are certainly points of interest if you have most of the other little things in order.

    Window valances are little, or possibly big, additions to the window treatment. They are decorations on the top and sides of windows giving them an extravagant or more solid look. Your windows are there to take a look at the world through them and they are there for you to let light into your life. But since you want some privacy in your life you may want to install blinds or heavy curtains to keep everything in or out when you choose to.

    Window blinds can look very rigid and unfriendly if you don’t take extra steps to make the area look a bit more welcoming. These decorations are perfect for taking out the edge off all at once; basically you put them there for yourself to feel better when you take a look at your rooms.

    It is the same with kitchens, they are places where you spend a lot of time and if you have a dining table there it’s going to be even more. It makes perfect sense to get rooms you spend your time in into shape and looking a way that you find acceptable. Normal and bay window valance sets are alike in the sense that in the kitchen they are exposed to added threats. There is bubbling oil, flying steam, high humidity and just about any sauce you make at home will most probably either end up on the curtains or the valances for some reason or another.

    If you choose to put valances in your kitchen, you should be aware that they will suffer damage and stains, so choosing a cheap and resistant solution is warmly advised. Polyester is one of those things, plastic just shakes off the most notorious stains, red wine and tomato sauce alike. They may be cheap but you should never settle for cheap looks. Good ones are out there you just have to find the ones you like and keep your budget intact at the same time.

    Floral valance is a popular choice in kitchens because these small details easily hide little spots and more importantly bring some fun into the kitchen. It’s much more comfortable to get done with food preparation and tedious cooking in a room that says ‘happy’ all over it. You can get a curtain and valance set that fits your kitchen so well that you won’t be able to imagine it without one ever again.

    Whatever the room and reason for a valance set is, if you keep your priorities in mind and the budget to a reasonable level, you will be able to get these appliances without having to worry about if they fit with your kitchen or living room decor.

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